Happy Easter 2010!

4 Apr 2010 In: NovaljaPag.com

Team NovaljaPag.com wish you a happy and blessed Easter! As every year now, you can join us at traditional Easter Breakfast, on Monday, April 5th, 2010, starting at 10AM on Trg Bazilike (Basilica’s square).
Let’s spend Easter Monday together in good atmosphere enjoying local specialties with Capella singers Klapa Murtelice and Klapa Sol and folklore group Naški!

Under Construction!

12 Feb 2010 In: NovaljaPag.com

underconstructionDear visitors and fans of NovaljaPag.com,
we are doing some improvement on our website so be patient if you experience some difficulties while surfing on NovaljaPag.com. We are making all this effort so you can find anything about Novalja you’re looking for even quicker than before. Maybe there will be some design changes also but nothing spectacular. At least for now! Thank you for returning to our page and one again we apologize for an inconvenience.

Your NovaljaPag.com Team

Merry ChristmasThe NovaljaPag.com team wishes you all Merry Christmas and all the best for upcoming Holidays! We will have some new information’s about events in upcoming season 2010 soon.

Your NovaljaPag.com Team

Happy St. Anthony’s Day

13 Jun 2009 In: NewsFlash

Dear visitors, today Town Novalja celebrates its Patron’s day. We wish all the best to our fellow citizens for St. Anthony’s 2009! For todays events in Novalja visit our event section here.

I have some great news folks! We managed to come up with a great prize for one of Whycroatia.org contributors. The prize is one week holiday in September for two persons at Villa Margareta Novalja. We talked about Whycroatia.org project in our article That One Counts Too last month. So, once again, all you have to do is:
1. Make a short (1-2min) movie (a digital camera or mobile phone will do)
2. Upload it online on YouTube.com (or similar)
3. Share the link on WhyCroatia.org
4. Spread the word about this (tweet, retweet, share, digg, etc.)
and that’s pretty much it!
So what the hell are you waiting for? Take a cam and start filming, and if you are lucky, you can win 7 days in Novalja. Or maybe some other cool prize from the Whycroatia.org prize pool. Don’t forget to visit Whycroatia.org homepage for more info.

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