During his visit to Croatia, starting on Friday, George W. Bush, the president of the United Sates, will visit Novalja. Even though, in the interview with Croatian journalist Branka Slavica, that was broadcasted on Croatia Television few days ago, Bush said he wouldn’t have the time to visit Croatian coast, we heard breaking news, unofficially of course, from few high sources (from Novalja and Zagreb), that he will be visiting Novalja on Saturday. This visit will be a great recognition to Novalja’s mayor Ivan Dabo Đono and his efforts to make Novalja top tourist destination in Croatia. Visit will begin with reception in the town hall. Sandra Dabo Kraljica NovaljeAfterwards the whole official suite will have lunch in Luna Hotel, where the guests will be entertained by Sandra Dabo, Kraljica Novalje (Queen of Novalja). Ongoing preparations were silently made, and now are almost over. People in Novalja, though excited that U.S. president is visiting their small town, are a bit tired due to all security measures that have been made. We are waiting for official confirmation and the final itinerary release by Croatian Government that is scheduled for later today.

UPDATE: Gotcha! This was April Fools’ Day prank! :P