I have some great news folks! We managed to come up with a great prize for one of Whycroatia.org contributors. The prize is one week holiday in September for two persons at Villa Margareta Novalja. We talked about Whycroatia.org project in our article That One Counts Too last month. So, once again, all you have to do is:
1. Make a short (1-2min) movie (a digital camera or mobile phone will do)
2. Upload it online on YouTube.com (or similar)
3. Share the link on WhyCroatia.org
4. Spread the word about this (tweet, retweet, share, digg, etc.)
and that’s pretty much it!
So what the hell are you waiting for? Take a cam and start filming, and if you are lucky, you can win 7 days in Novalja. Or maybe some other cool prize from the Whycroatia.org prize pool. Don’t forget to visit Whycroatia.org homepage for more info.