Under motto “Development we don′t want to stop. But pollution, we can!” 2nd working conference of project Systematic energy management in cities and counties in the Republic of Croatia – Sustainable development of cities, was held in Westin Hotel, Zagreb, from April 27th to 29th, 2009.
It is a follow-up to the very successful initiative that produced the conference Energy Management in Cities and Counties of Croatia that took place in May of 2008. Some 300 – 400 county and city mayors, investors in the building sector, heads of city planning offices, and other city and business representatives are expected to attend this high level event. The organizers are the City of Zagreb, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA).
The main purpose of the conference is to enhance energy management in the cities of Croatia by focusing on the environment, on sustainable energy management of public utility systems, city planning and architecture, on an integrated approach to design and construction in the business and residential sectors, as well as on exchange of knowledge and experiences between the various European and Croatian cities.
The event will provide an opportunity to strengthen and revitalize our cities by introducing innovations within urban planning, the environment, technology, and energy management of all city services.
The conference is intended for mayors, representatives of local governments, universities, scientific institutions, engineers, architects, construction investors, development and energy agencies, as well as the media.
The three-day program includes speeches from prominent local and global authorities within the field, a visit and a expert presentation on waste water purification at the Zagreb complex for water purification (CUPOVZ), a welcome cocktail, a formal dinner, a film viewing on the subject, and a press conference at the end of the event.
What about Novalja?
Novalja is pilot city of MODEL which stands for “Management of Domains Related to Energy in Local Authorities”. It encourages municipalities to become models for their citizens and local stakeholders in the field of rational use of energy. Decision makers of 42 pilot cities from 10 New EU Member States and Croatia decided to join the project and change their city’s image.

As the city of Novalja is one of the top three summer destinations at the Croatian coast (Island of Pag) and the main port on the island of Pag, energy demand and environment management are the top priority. There are several EE and RES projects which should
be implemented in the next period and the IE MODEL project will give us clear direction by means of a bottom-down approach. At the same time, as the City of Novalja does not have energy manager (non-existing administrative function) this will be an opportunity to
upgrade our energy management skills and give us a bright vision of future energy plans; and through conducting/organizing energy days to educate local citizens and potential investors.
Mr. Ivan Dabo, City Mayor of Novalja

If you want to find out more about pilot cities from Croatia check this pdf.

That One Counts Too – WhyCroatia.org

19 Apr 2009 In: NewsFlash

If you didn’t noticed yet, a few days ago, started a new web project called WhyCroatia.org. The goal of this “one of a kind” project is to save (in these times of recession) and promote Croatian tourism in a different way. All for zero kuna. How you ask? Very simple, via short videos that we all make and publish online. The excellent idea came from Borja a month ago and soon this fresh project was born. Under motto “that one counts too” people behind WhyCroatia did a great and wonderful job in short time. You can follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.
If you have a brilliant idea why someone should visit Croatia and you are willing to share it, then be a participant! Because we all count! All you have to do is:

1. Make a short (1-2min) movie (a digital camera or mobile phone will do)
2. Upload it on YouTube.com (or similar)
3. Share the link on WhyCroatia.org
4. Spread the word about this (tweet, retweet, share, digg, etc.)
and that’s it!

Team NovaljaPag.com wishes WhyCroatia.org all the best!

NovaljaPag.com on Twitter

18 Apr 2009 In: NovaljaPag.com

twitterNovaljaPag.com has an official channel on Twitter.com now. We will try to update it more often than our website with lots of great stuff. :) So, don’t waste any time, go and visit NovaljaPag.com Twitter profile. Be sure to click on Follow NovaljaPag.com button. If you have second thoughts remember that everyone starts with zero followers, so be kind and help us out. We will appreciate it! While you are there don’t be shy and say hi.
You don’t use Tweeter yet? Never mind, but you will sooner or later. Till then we have a Facebook page you can check out and become a fan there!!!
See ya!

NovaljaPag.com Facebook Fans

17 Apr 2009 In: NovaljaPag.com

NovaljaPag.com is on Facebook? Don’t say, really? You didn’t know that? Shame on you boy! :)
OK, we wrote about our Facebook page some time ago. After a while we have 278 fans all over the world now. You may say that’s not much but for us it simply – wait for it – AWESOME! So what about you? You still didn’t visit NovaljaPag.com Facebook page? What are you waiting for? Become a fan today!
Or you are simply not that into Facebook lately. That’s not a problem. Simple visit NovaljaPag.com Twitter profile than. And the harmony in the Universe will be restored again. :)

Happy Easter 2009!

12 Apr 2009 In: NovaljaPag.com

All five of us here at NovaljaPag.com wish you a happy and blessed Easter! As every year now, you can join us at traditional Easter Breakfast, on Monday, April 13th, 2009, starting at 10AM on Trg Bazilike (Basilica’s square).
Let’s spend Easter Monday together in good atmosphere enjoying local specialties with Capella singers Klapa Murtelice and Klapa Sol!

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